Professional Stero Digital Echo Mixer SMX-1212



SMX-1212 Mixer (12 Channels)

Power Supply: 230 AC/12V DC

Gain, Bars, Treble, Pan, Echo Controls

Over Drive LED

30MM Slide Fader for Each Volume

5+5 Segment LED VU Meter for L & R Channel

Digital Echo/USB

Repeat & Speed Control for Echo

Effect Send/Return

Head Phone with Gain Control

Dimensions: W 290 x H 140 x L 560 MM

Weight: 5.01 Kg


  • Input Channels: Each Channel has separate 1/4 balanced phone jack for Mic and Line & accepts both balanced & unbalanced signals.
  • AUX Control: This controls the level of the channel in the final mix to Aux Send output.
  • AUX Send & AUX Return: These have been provided for sending the pre-fader output of channels for monitoring or for adding a Special Effects Unit.
  • MONO/STEREO Output: Mono output is available from either Left & Right output jacks when the switch is in Mono position.